3D Compass

What's Your GeoPose?

Snapshot location with orientation and share your GeoPose with 3D Compass.

Real Direction

Based on our prototype for the Open Geospatial Consortium's Testbed-18, 3D Compass emulates a ship's compass which displays an accurate heading regardless of pitch and roll.

Fixed Pointer Compass

This Way Up

No matter how you hold your device, 3D Compass provides a clear and intuitive display. There's even an inverted mode that works upside-down above your head.

Fixed Flat Display

Compass rose for
horizontal use.

Floating Portrait Display

Sliding scale for
vertical use.

Floating Landscape Display

Floating display for
landscape mode.

Strictly Private

Away Team believes that you should have complete control of your private information, including your location.

The app only records your data on your device, without sending it across the internet or elsewhere, to ensure you can choose whether and how you share. This puts you firmly in control of how much information is stored and where it is stored, so you can be certain that your privacy is maintained.

What Is GeoPose?

Put simply, your GeoPose is where you are and where you're looking. This OGC standard provides a common format for exchanging location with orientation information in a machine-readable form so real-world positions and directions can be easily shared.

More details can be found at the GeoPose.org website.

Absolutely Free

Android App on Google Play

The app is completely free of charge and free of adverts, so what are you waiting for? Install now and try it for yourself.