3D Compass Privacy

Last updated: 16 January 2023

Privacy Notice For The 3D Compass Application

Away Team Software does NOT collect or share any personal information or location data using the 3D Compass application.

The app does access location data from the mobile device, and may record these on that device ONLY. These data consist of latitude, longitude, altitude and time, and may also include information which is associated with or derived from them, according to the menu options selected by the user. 3D Compass does NOT communicate any personal information or location data to Away Team or any third party. The user has control of data creation and deletion, and is responsible for the privacy of their own data.

Contact address: Away Team Software Limited, 87 Church Street, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 7AW, UK (reg no 08445493). Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.