Movies On The Move

Record web-ready footage with GPS location on your phone with Trkd™Cam, the original geotagged video app.

Cutting Edge

Most modern smartphones geotag photos with location, but TrkdCam is the first app to sync moving location with video.

TrkdCam at Hill Head

Record film footage with Web Video Map Tracks (WebVMT) - an accessible format designed to sync your location with video for the web. Replay your movie with a digital map in a web browser using Trkd Video, or choose to share your journey online and show others exactly where you went. Away Team's geospatial web expertise ensures your route is recorded precisely and with total control of your privacy.

Whenever, Wherever

Shoot video with location whenever your phone is to hand. It's as easy as taking a photo and our slimline code footprint is small enough even for budget devices.


GPS satellites enable location tracking anywhere in the world and require no phone signal or mobile data, allowing you to explore wherever you wish, free from the shackles of network coverage.

App size less than 500kB, c.f. typical 5MP photo size ~1MB (1000kB).

Own Your Private Data

Away Team believes that you should have complete control of your private information, including your location.

The app only records your data to a file on your device, without sending it across the internet or elsewhere, to ensure you can choose whether and how you share. This puts you firmly in control of how much information is stored and where it is stored, so you can be certain that your privacy is maintained.

Our website also allows you to display your video and track without your data ever leaving your computer, further safeguarding your privacy.

Access All Areas

Make movies with accurate location anywhere in the world and with full control of your data in an easily accessible format designed for the web. Direct the map presentation using a simple text editor to highlight nearby landmarks and create a narrative for your journey.

TrkdCam on Moto E

Relive your adventures at our website which displays your footage with your route without uploading. Alternatively, choose to share online through your website in a web-friendly format for browsers and search engines.

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