Nokia Symbian Belle/Belle FP1/FP2

For Belle Refresh, please see Symbian Anna support.

How do I set Java security permissions for an app?

  1. Select Menu->Settings->Installations->Already installed
  2. Press and hold the app icon, e.g. Trkd, and select Suite settings from the pop-up menu
  3. Click Security warnings: Default to display the full list, if necessary
  4. Select Read user data->Always allowed or the level required
  5. Select Edit user data->Always allowed or the level required
  6. Select Positioning->Always allowed or the level required

How do I configure GPS settings for the phone?

  1. Select Menu->Settings->Application settings->Positioning->Find my location
  2. Set Find my location to Yes to enable GPS
  3. Select Positioning methods
  4. Enable Integrated GPS to use the internal GPS
  5. Enable Bluetooth GPS to use an external Bluetooth GPS device, e.g. Nokia LD-4W
  6. Enable Assisted GPS to allow A-GPS
  7. Select Menu->Settings->Application settings->Positioning->Positioning server
  8. Set Server settings to or your preferred assisted GPS server

Note: Assisted GPS requires a (GPRS) data connection. Please check your tariff for the associated charges.

How do I show operating system details for the device?

  1. Dial *#0000#
  2. Details of the operating system are displayed, including the version number