Nokia S60 5th Edition

How do I set Java security permissions for an app?

  1. Select Menu->Settings->Application mgr.->Installed apps.
  2. Highlight the app icon, e.g. Trkd, and press Options->Suite settings
  3. Select Read user data->Always allowed or the level required
  4. Select Edit user data->Always allowed or the level required
  5. Select Positioning->Always allowed or the level required

How do I configure GPS settings for the phone?

  1. Select Menu->Settings->Phone->Application sett.->Positioning->Positioning methods
  2. Enable Integrated GPS to use the internal GPS
  3. Enable Bluetooth GPS to use an external Bluetooth GPS device, e.g. Nokia LD-4W
  4. Enable Assisted GPS to allow A-GPS
  5. Select Menu->Settings->Phone->Application sett.->Positioning->Positioning server
  6. Set Server settings to or your preferred assisted GPS server
  7. Set Positioning server use to determine when A-GPS is used

Note: Assisted GPS requires a (GPRS) data connection. Please check your tariff for the associated charges.

How do I show operating system details for the device?

  1. Dial *#0000#
  2. Details of the operating system are displayed, including the version number