Trkd GPS

Join The GPS Revolution

Get the best from your phone hardware with Trkd™ GPS, the revolutionary tracking app.

Away Team's space industry expertise records your route more precisely, for longer, and with total control of your privacy.

Revolutionary Design

Trkd GPS on Galaxy Mini

While other apps use accuracy filters to throw away your data, ours takes a smarter approach.

It records your location in a unique way, using GPX for compatibility with other systems and Away Team's extensions to record location accuracy and other details. This revolutionary approach ensures that data can be analysed in ways that are impossible in real time, to give the best precision your device can deliver.

Slim And Elegant

Battery-efficient algorithms ensure maximum operating time, and its minimal code footprint and slimline data files are small enough even for budget phones.


GPS satellites can track your location anywhere in the world and require no phone signal or mobile data, allowing you to explore wherever you wish, free from the shackles of network coverage.

App size less than 500kB, c.f. typical 5MP photo size ~1MB (1000kB).

Typical data size ~100kB per hour GPX at 5 sec sample rate, including accuracy.

Your Privacy Respected

Away Team believes that you should have complete control of your private information, including your location.

The app only records your data to a file on your device, without sending it across the internet or elsewhere, to ensure you can choose whether and how you share. It puts you firmly in control of how much information is stored and where it is stored, so you can be certain that your privacy is maintained.

Our website also allows you to display your track without your data ever leaving your computer, further safeguarding your privacy.

One App, Many Uses

Great care has been taken to make our app easy to use, with a clear display and accessible controls, which allow you to focus on enjoying your activity. While the technology may be rocket science, the concept is not: your phone can instantly show how far you have travelled and how fast. Whether walking, running, riding, skiing or sailing, Trkd is ideal for all outdoor activities.

Relive your adventures at our website which displays your routes on a range of maps, without uploading, or explore them on a satellite image to identify unmapped features. Alternatively, import them into any GPX-compatible system, create your own spreadsheet, or use them however you wish. The only limit is your imagination.

Trkd on 6700 Classic

Space Mode

Based on the prototype code developed for Tim Peake's 2016 London Marathon aboard the International Space Station, 'space mode' calculates orbital distances based on your location. Accurate for astronauts and fun for earthlings who want a new perspective on their planet. Further details in the Trkd GPS FAQ.

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