Trkd Maps

Trkd™ Maps Guide

Learn how to use your GPX files without compromising your privacy.

Displaying Your Track

File Identify your chosen GPX file on your phone.
Download the file from your phone to a computer, e.g. via USB or Bluetooth.
Launch the Maps service in a suitable web browser.
Load Display your GPX file using the load button, or drag and drop it onto the map.
Trkd overview

The Trkd GPS FAQ explains how to locate and identify GPX files on your device, in the Files section.

Exploring Your Track

Once your track is displayed:

Scroll and zoom the map to explore your track.
Stop Pin Click track markers to toggle further details.
Settings Press the settings button to customise the display.
Back Then press the back button from the settings screen to return to the map.
Right-click on a track to quickly access its settings.
Show All Press the show button to centre and see all your tracks.
Visibility Toggle the visibility button to hide your tracks and see the map underneath.
Clear Press the clear button to remove all your tracks from the map.

Further Details

Find out more about how you can use Trkd Maps with our FAQ.