Trkd Video

Video With Location

Trkd™ Video replays your footage synced with a map or satellite image
quickly and accurately, without compromising your privacy.


Maps, Camera, Action!

Most modern smartphones take photos with geographic location, but now you can shoot video with location using WebVMT - the open format to sync geolocation with video for the web.

Display WebVMT movies in a web browser using Trkd Video with map data from OpenStreetMap.

Mark your route, control map presentation and highlight nearby points of interest to create a narrative for your journey with comprehensive support of WebVMT's powerful features.

Black Sheds

No Upload Required

Rather than send your file to our servers, we process your data in your web browser without uploading. Your map is displayed quickly and your privacy is respected, as your information never leaves your computer.


We recommend that you download your video and WebVMT files from your mobile device to a computer in order to appreciate the detail of Trkd Video on a bigger screen.

Click & Locate

Record your video on a phone, drone, bodycam or dashcam with a WebVMT-compliant system, like our TrkdCam mobile app. Direct the map presentation to show nearby places of interest synchronised to your footage using nothing more than a text editor.







Replay your video journeys with Trkd Video in a web browser and explore the surrounding areas interactively with online digital maps. Send movies of your travels to friends and family with accurate location data, or choose to share them online through your blog or website.

See For Yourself

Try Trkd Video for yourself with our free demo which was filmed on location in Farnborough, UK.

 Download Demo

Drag and drop the unzipped files into the player, or record your own with our TrkdCam app and follow our simple guide to get started.

Cody Hub

See the filmed route presented on a map which is always in sync with the video. Play from the start or skip to any point in the movie and the map stays perfectly in step.

Getting Started

Record a WebVMT video on your phone with the TrkdCam app, or export it from your device in WebVMT format.

  1. Download the video and WebVMT files to a computer, e.g. via USB or Bluetooth.
  2. Launch Trkd Video in a suitable web browser.
  3. Drag and drop your files onto the map to load and display your track.

Further details are given in the Quick Guide and FAQ.

Browser Requirements

Trkd Video requires HTML5 features, supported in most modern web browsers.

The versions listed above are required for full functionality, and are free to download from their respective websites. Earlier browsers may support reduced functionality, though this is not recommended.