Note: Menu-> on this page refers to the Android menu button.

How do I configure GPS settings for the device?

  1. Select Menu->Settings->Location and security
  2. Ensure Use GPS satellites is checked

How do I update assistance data for Assisted GPS (or A-GPS)?

  1. Ensure GPS is enabled - see previous question
  2. Connect your device to the internet by Wi-Fi or Mobile data, if not already connected
    • Using Wi-Fi:
      1. Select Menu->Settings->Wireless and networks->Wi-Fi settings
      2. Ensure Wi-Fi is checked
    • Using Mobile data:
      1. Select Menu->Settings->Wireless and networks->Mobile networks
      2. Ensure Data enabled is checked
  3. Wait for the assistance data to update
    • Passively: wait for one minute, or until data activity subsides, to allow the operating system to update data automatically
    • Actively: start location tracking with a GPS app, e.g. Trkd, to prompt an update of data
  4. Disconnect from the internet, if required
  5. If the update was successful, GPS location should now be found more quickly when outdoors
  6. Assistance data should remain valid for at least one day
† Note: Assisted GPS requires a data connection. Please check your tariff for the associated charges.

How do I access files via USB?

  1. Unlock the phone screen, if necessary
  2. Connect the phone and computer with a USB cable
  3. Swipe down from the top of the phone screen to display notifications
  4. Tap on USB connected notification
  5. Different versions of Android connect in different ways:
    • Mount a removeable drive:
      1. Click Turn on USB storage to connect
      2. Remember to safely eject in step 7
    • Connect using MTP:
      1. Select Media device (MTP) as the connection method
      2. Windows users may need to install device drivers when prompted
      3. Mac users may need to install the Android File Transfer utility
  6. Access phone files from the computer's file manager or utility
  7. Safely eject the removeable drive, if mounted in step 5:
    1. Eject the drive via computer
    2. Click Turn off USB storage on phone
  8. Disconnect the USB cable

How do I enable Talkback Accessibility?

  1. Select Apps->Settings->Accessibility (or Menu->Settings->Accessibility) to display Accessibility settings
  2. Select Accessibility (or ensure Accessibility is checked).
  3. Ensure Talkbalk is checked to enable spoken support.

Note: The Google Talkback app must be installed on the device first.

How do I show operating system details for the device?

  1. Select Applications->Settings->About phone/device
  2. Details of the operating system are displayed, including the version number